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Diversity & Inclusion


Since the birth of the United States, a lack of financial inclusion for Black Americans has existed at every level of our financial system. As Black communities have struggled to gain the same access to wealth-saving tools as others, a massive wealth gap has emerged between white and Black Americans.

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To combat this divide, the Diversity & Inclusion Portfolio invests in companies that demonstrably commit to the inclusion and empowerment of marginalized peoples as a core tenet of their practices, policies, and culture. By doing so, the portfolio supports corporate initiatives that specifically empower and promote ethnic minorities, women, and other marginalized people that have historically been excluded from economic opportunity.

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The Diversity & Inclusion Portfolio invests in companies that emphasize diversity as a crucial element of their workplace. These companies target racial, gender, and cultural diversity not only in their workforce but also in their board and executive structure, leading to different perspectives and new innovations.

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Companies in this portfolio demonstrate a commitment to the wellbeing of their employees. These companies prioritize the health, working conditions, and fair salary of their employees, ultimately leading to greater employee satisfaction and efficiency.

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We specifically exclude any companies that have a record of controversy related to their business practices. If a company has had a recent controversy related to diversity, compensation, or corruption within its workplace, it won’t be in this portfolio.