Help Children

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Newday's Help Children Initiative was created to help all children grow up safe and happy. Join this initiative through the app, to help direct Newday's donations towards the non-profits supporting this initiative. 

Global Challenges

Newday’s Help Children Initiative drives resources to protect children against the most common dangers facing them. Millions of children across cultures and backgrounds face abuse and exploitation, most of them at the hands of a trusted adult. According to the UN, a child under the age of 15 dies every 5 seconds. Among children under 5 years old, most deaths occur from preventable diseases. Unicef estimates that around 22,000 unaccompanied children fled their homes and arrived in Europe in 2017. Children in areas of conflict are the most vulnerable to exploitation, health risks, and the cycle of poverty.


Climate Change

All over the world, there have been obvious consequences of climate change and its progression...

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Ocean Warming

Ocean temperatures have increased since people began emitting greenhouse gases into...

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Ocean Acidification

As humans burn fossil fuels, like oil and gas, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere...

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Initiative Solutions

Non-profits are working on the front lines every day to solve problems facing coral reefs and dependant marine wildlife.


Ocean Warming Research

Stories about climate change often focus on heat waves, forest fires, and storms. However, they sometimes...

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Marine-Protected Areas

Habitat protection is an important way to conserve coral reefs and other fragile marine environments...

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Coral Cultivation

As a solution to habitat loss, increasing temperatures, and increasing ocean acidity, some organizations...

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The 1% Pledge

Join this initiative to direct 1% of our profits to the partners supporting this initiative. Add up to three initiatives through the app to increase your impact.