Invest with Impact

Our approach is designed to offer social returns without sacrificing financial returns. Get the best of both worlds.


Every Newday Impact Portfolio is a custom-made, proprietary, and targeted investment strategy built to benefit a specific area of impact. Our multi-portfolio approach allows us to provide a fully-diversified investment strategy while impacting the areas you care about directly.



The Newday Ocean Health Portfolio invests in companies that work for the protection and preservation of ecosystems in oceans and seas such as, limiting human-caused damage to oceans, restoring damaged marine ecosystems and preserving vulnerable species.

Fresh Water

This portfolio gives exposure to companies who lead their respective fields in maximizing water efficiency, and who are committed to combating pollution and ensuring affordable and equitable access to water resources.

Global Impact

The Global Impact Portfolio invests in companies whose core business addresses at least one of the world’s social and environmental challenges, as defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Animal Welfare

The Newday Animal Welfare Portfolio promotes harmonious living between humanity and nature, as well as protection of wildlife and other living species. We are investing in companies considering animals’ well-being includes adequate housing, nutrition, disease prevention and treatment, responsible care and humane handling.

Gender Equality

Invest in companies that provide equal pay for work of equal or comparable value - including leadership roles, regardless of gender, and the elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender, particularly in relation to family and caring responsibilities.

Climate Action

While there are many portfolios that offer fossil fuel free solutions or low carbon strategies in we take an impact driven approach by focusing on companies moving us in the direction of a Carbon Free World.


Led by our Chief Strategy Officer and former Director of Investment Strategy at BlackRock, we create portfolios based on a specific impact theme and optimize them for competitive stock price performance based on weightings.

Investable Universe

The investment team starts with a universe of 3,000 large, mid-size, and small companies across the globe.

Key Theme Indicators

Next, the analytics team studies data provided by our research partners and identifies the most important factors that contribute and support an impact theme.

Negative Screen

We then exclude companies that have major controversies such as alcohol, firearms, and tobacco or other major negative headline news.

Impact Score

From here we assign an impact score based on the portion of revenue that is sourced directly from impactful operations.

Sustainability Rating

We then rank each company across three pillars of overall environmental stewardship, social policy, and executive transparency.

How To Invest

Choose the portfolios that match your values and our algorithms will use them to create a diversified portfolio just for you.

Choose Your Impact

Choose what you want to impact. We match your answers to the portfolio strategies that benefit the impact areas that you care about.

Choose Your Risk Level

Next, based on your financial profile, we suggest a conservative, moderate, or aggressive portfolio. You can always change this later.

Schedule Recurring Investments

After we've built your portfolio, choose a weekly or monthly contribution to grow your investment and secure your financial future.



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